5 Reasons to Learn Ukulele

picnic ukulele


Many artists have fallen in love and more and more people are mad about it. Are you considering playing this little instrument but you're worried about learning how to play or you're just so...damn broke? Worry no more my friend, because on this article we show you the 5 best reasons to fall in love with ukuleles.

5. They are cheap

Truthfully, ukuleles are fairly affordable.
Excellent Ukuleles for casual daily playing range from 150$ to 250$. It is true that if you want something more professional or more beautiful, like the luthier handmade ones you will have to spend from 500$ to 800$, but if you are starting, the more modest ones will do the job greatly. 

4. Everyone loves it

Walk on the street with your ukulele under your arm and every two minutes you will get someone asking about it. You play songs at the family gathering, friends hangouts and everyone loves it. You are loved by everyone. Don't let the fame fill your head!
If your goal is to impress your crush, Uke will be there for you. Play in pubs and I challenge anyone near you to not to fall in love. Or at least give you a little smile. Are you wanting to get married? Look in the man or woman's eyes and sing a song, but you should be cautious: Your charm can become irresistible and you will have to run from the crowds.

3. Easy to learn, easy to play

If there is an instrument in this universe that is easy to play, this instrument is a ukulele. You won't find easier chords. With only 2 fingers, you can play the ukulele. And even chords with bizarre names are simple, the Am7 is made with...one of your palms. It is just hitting the strings without leaning on whatever you're producing. With 4 basic chords, you can play many of the famous pop songs and be the king of the party!

2. It is small

Walking with a guitar case on the trunk in the cracked summer heat is not any joke. And even in the event that you take it in your hands, it's nevertheless a bluff. Ukuleles by the other side, are small, light and very convenient. 

The ukulele is so modest that you can take it in a backpack and be very stylish. You can sit on the side of the road leaning onto the tiny arm while smoking a cigar to look hipster, you can put it on the table of the pub, you can move through everyone without damaging anybody's eye and when you are tired, you can even hang it on the walls of your home for decoration. You know what's cooler than riding with a ukulele? Get men and women in your room with a ukulele nailed into the wall.

1. It heals your mind

Are you feeling sad? Stressed at work? Angry with your SO? Worry no more, grab your ukulele and play some chill songs.

The curative capability and pressure relief of the ukulele are amazing. A couple of minutes will make you happier, and singing songs with your ukulele guitar will make you the happiest man on the planet. And it does not have the work of dusting the guitar, controlling all those countless strings (the uke only includes four) to make chords that seem to exist merely to break your hands right into a perverse ritual and everything. You just have to grab it, play with it and you're done: You're happy. So I recommend never leaving it too much. In the fight against bad, your weapon should always be the one of your own heart.♥