Everything You Need to Know About Big Ukuleles

ukulele koa woman playing tenor

Ukulele is a popular instrument that represents the traditional Hawaiian music very well. The performance of this musical instrument varies with its size and features. This is true that all the four types of ukuleles can be played in the same way but the bass, volume, and intonation get better and better with the enhancement of the size and shape of the ukulele.

In this article, we will discuss about the features of bigger sized Ukuleles that are being played massively all around the world!

Some factors that make all the Ukuleles different from each other

You may be thinking that if Ukuleles having different shapes and sizes can be played in a similar manner, then what actually is the main factor that distinguishes one type of Ukulele from other?

So, here are some of the factors which affect the quality of the sound and output of the Ukulele.

Type of Material

Most of the Ukuleles are made from Koa or Mahogany wood, trees traditionally found in Hawaii. Nowadays we can find a lot of ukuleles made of Rosewood, Sapele and Basswood as well.

The ability of Tuning

Ukuleles get distinguish due to the tuning abilities. From smallest to a larger size, each Ukulele has different tuning ability. Depending upon the size and shape, tuning changes and gives different results.

The shape of Ukulele

Ukuleles come in different shapes like pineapple, banjolele etc. The strings attached to ukulele works according to the shape in which they have been fixed. So, the shape is another factor that enhances or diminishes the quality of sound produced.

The Ukulele Family

Soprano and Concert Ukuleles being smaller in size and easy to carry have won the hearts thousands of people. People found them amazing to play anytime and at anyplace. But most of the people don’t know that the more the size of the Ukulele, greater will be its volume and power.

Here are the two big sized ukuleles: Tenor and Baritone.

Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele comes at the third place in the Ukulele family. Tenor ukulele is lies between Concert and Baritone Ukulele. It is bigger than Concert Ukulele and smaller than Baritone. With its large and compatible size, it can easily be fitted in large hands. The tenor is the most popular Ukulele where we talk about perfection and quality. Here we are not at all talking about the beginners!

Experienced and expert ukulelist prefers this type of ukulele because it enables the player to play a wide variety of tunes. Toner Ukulele’s size typically ranges from 26 inches to 28 inches.

Baritone Ukulele

Baritone, the largest of all ukuleles could be considered the senior-most member of the ukulele family. Because of its large size, it can not only provide you with the best outputs but you can also gain a wonderful experience by listening to the deepest tunes that are being played by this Ukulele. Baritone Ukulele is more like a guitar. Its strings are tuned as the highest strings of the guitar. However, despite its deepest quality tunes, it is not very much popular as compared to the other members of the Ukulele family. It may be because of its large size and more resemblance with the guitar.

ukulele koa size comparison