How to Chose a Ukulele

So you decided to get yourself a nice ukulele. Awesome!

But after a quick search you realize you have many options. What is a Soprano? Concert? Should I get a 21 inches or a 23 inches? If you are like me and you not even know how much is an inch (yes, I grew up with the metric system fellas) there are too many unanswered questions to take a decision.

Fear nothing young ukulele learner. Hold my hand and I will guide you through the wonderful world of Hawaiian tunes!

Let's start with the basics

When buying a ukulele, you should ideally consider three components: Price, Size and Manufacturer. The Ukulele has gained a great deal of prominence in the past several decades, this is a result of the popularity which the tool needs become a fantastic gateway into the world of songs.

In reality the Ukulele is quite a fantastic first tool, and can also be more affordable than a guitar, drums, bass and other common instruments. Moreover it's also easier in its own learning procedure, which may be taken care of in a different report. This prevalence of this stringed instrument has gotten in the past several decades.

This abrupt surge brings both positive and negative things in exactly precisely the exact identical period; the excellent ones are, even using a high requirement the Ukulele cost drops much more, but the exact identical good need makes all musical device manufacturers have their own Ukulele kinds.

This broad array of products confuses the purchaser when buying their very first version. But we all of Music Jungle don't have the standing to depart our musicians randomly, we then made a guide that will aid you in the quest for a initial Ukulele to purchase.


There's 1 rule that is relevant to all devices; attempt to purchase the very best gear your money are able to afford. You see, exactly what your cash permits, never get into the means of purchasing a tool, don't create something which is intended to be gratifying at a significant hassle.

Locating a inexpensive Ukulele has become easily the most frequent thing about the marketplace, as it's a fantastic demand for those that are beginning to play with, many tools which needs to be categorized as toys are now being sold on the market. Should you truly wish to learn how to play, prevent the less costly instruments, even if they're the most tempting.

The perfect for you novice is to search for the moderate, to not get the most affordable, for reasons already stated, rather than to purchase the very expensive, seeing as you're starting to understand and don't have to produce a high investment on your very first tool. Whenever your ukulele ability is greater then it might be well worth investing a greater value.

Don't be excessively miserly when purchasing your Ukulele, a common situation once we are speaking about novices is when the individual buys a ukulele with reduced cost and low quality, so the tool has a bad performance and the individual ends up lending early.


Most ukuleles fall into one of these 4 types: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone.

They vary in size which will determine the kind of sound they will produce. 


The Soprano ukulele is the smallest of the four types, ranging from 16 to 21 inches in length. It is is recommended for beginners or professionals who like a more classic and sharp tone.


The Concert ukulele would be the medium size, with 23 inches in length. It's longer neck allows for more room in between the frets, and as the body is also bigger, the sound is louder.


The Tenor ukulele is traditionally the most popular size, with about 26 inches long. It has a deeper, more guitar-sounding tone, and it's recommended for more advanced players.


The baritone is the biggest of the four types. It is about 30 inches in length. Essentially, it produces the same sound as the last four strings on an acoustic guitar, which. The tuning is different than the smaller ukuleles due to its bigger size.

How ukulele size affects the Tone

The tone is defined by the body.

Tenor and Concert ukuleles normally have somewhat warmer, richer and more resonant timbre compared to the soprano, that has a more compact size. Both versions generate a sound with bass and volume.

Sopranos often get a decrease audio, but that is far from significance inferior quality. Since they're smaller, they still tend to have lighter and lighter tone than the other two versions.

How size affects Playability

The frets are the finer metal parts of the device's arm, they're the Ukulele's note separators, when they are more remote from one another, their hands have more room to maneuver. This usually means that Ukuleles concert and tenor are simpler to be touched since it's a greater spacing between the frets.

This makes the concert and tenor the perfect models for anybody learning to play, because making the Ukulele chords on such models is much more comfy. But in case you've got a little hand and need to travel a lot with your instrument, consider buying a soprano Ukulele.

The soprano version, since it is smaller, includes the distances between the frets a little more shortened. This can make it difficult for beginners, who might have to squeeze their hand to touch.


Zebra is certainly the most famous brand in the category, this is due to several factors, one of which is that Zebra produces only Ukuleles. This makes the brand invest heavily in technology that make Zebra's Ukuleles a quality product.

Yuker is famous for its low cost, is a nationwide manufacturer and it stands out for its cost-effectiveness. Ukulele Senhy has also gained a lot of ground from the domestic marketplace, as the brand has invested a lot of effort in progress to the tool.

TSAI Ukuleles are known for their distinctive layout, it's clear that the brand still makes the instrument's traditional model. But surely the design of this TSAI is what makes this new attractive.