Soprano or Concert? Which Ukulele is the best for beginners?


Guitars have great significance in the music industry. A guitar consists of strings and cords that create an awesome atmosphere when played beautifully. A Ukulele is that small chill cousin in the guitar family. It is comparatively smaller in size than a normal guitar, but it can be played in a similar.

It would not be wrong to say that ukuleles are actually Hawaiian version of guitars with smaller size and some different specifications and features as well.  There are some minor differences between guitars and ukuleles, for example, you will find most guitars with strings made of steel or nylon for acoustic guitars, while ukulele strings are usually found only in nylon. A guitarist uses six strings to play the guitar on the other hand ukuleles have only four strings. Ukuleles are easier to carry as compared to guitars because they have very smart shape and size so that they can be moved easily from one place to another.

The two most known shapes of ukulele are Sopranos and Concerts. But which one is the best to start?

Soprano Ukuleles: The smaller the better!

Soprano ukulele is the smallest in the Ukulele family. It has the same features as any other larger ukulele has. Soprano ukuleles seem the cutest one as they are very much handy and can be brought anywhere any time.

Like any other musical instrument, ukulele also needs to be tuned in order to produce quality output. The ukulele soprano tunes at adf# B. This is the most suitable tuning for Ukulele Soprano. It provides amazing sweet sounds which become a source of pleasure for the listeners. The major chords for soprano ukulele are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

It works great for beginner players with small hands. Usually a bit cheaper than Concert, this is ideal for you who is only starting and don't want to invest too much.

Concert Ukuleles: If You Are Taking This Seriously

Concert ukulele is a bit larger than the traditional Soprano ukulele. Its size typically varies from 16-20 inches or 40-51 cm. Concert ukulele can be played in a similar way as the soprano. Regardless of the size difference, there may be other minor differences as well. Concert ukulele produces better music with the highest quality volume and more bass. It's not too small or too big, it will fit most of hand sizes and you will not feel uncomfortable, and still have the advantage of being able to carry the ukulele around in your backpack. If you are planning to play ukulele at a party or concert, this ukulele is a perfect option for you!

Best Ukulele for beginners: Soprano or Concert?

The Concert Ukulele is the best for beginners and people who wants to improve their technique. This is because of its perfect size. It is neither too small nor too big. Children, teenagers, adults, in short, people of any age can easily play and enjoy this amazing Concert Ukulele!

Every musical instrument operates in a different manner and similarly provides different outputs. Like other instruments, beginners should also learn all the basics of playing the ukulele. All the types of ukuleles can be operated in a similar way. In the end of the day it's more of a personal choice!